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Dons & TriCosta Everytime We Touch

Песня текст песни dons everytime we touch. Видео Dons and Tricosta - Everytime We Touch.

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Исполнитель: Dons & TriCosta

Название песни: Everytime We Touch

Дата добавления: 2014-09-07

Текст просмотрен: 568


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Текст целиком:

wake up wit u next to me
im thinkin how can this be
god its true blessin me
its destiny
me n u meant to be
way i touch u
u kno i love you
but i still put it down like a thug do
know you like that
yea u like that
its a love letter that i had to write back
argue when u dont even fight back
babygirl u put me on the right track
not another person i can see myself with
kno the way it sounds sound kinda selfish but
ur the one that put me in this position
im wishin theres nothin in this relationship that we missin (yea)
u dont kno what you mean to me
am i livin in a fantasy (na)
jus do well girl how u make me feel
me n u we kno the deal
aint nothin gonna stop us now
slow us down
cuz u kno that we hold this down
its the hands that i reach and clutch
lean on when i need that crutch
babygirl yea i know this much
cuz cuz cuz everytime we touch

everytime we touch n ride
people wanna front and lie
duckin high lower your pride
need you by my side girl
but when we kiss u fly
g4 touchdown 745
be-fore me n u were down to ride
now its at a point we gotta try so
we go out to turn n caico
somewhere to convert dollars to pesos
lay low n we give kisses to besos
you get a feeling thats what you say so
its D.O.
whats the P.O.
if you love me why
you play for
i dont kno
this ring glow
wanna put it on
i dont kno
its crazy when we get along
we aint holdin hands but i read your palm
heart beat fast
i aint feelin calm
want this to last
everlastin bond but
its like a light switch on n off
leave u in things so u could flause
whats the cost if you can feel me
i want u to turnaround n you could tell me

dont think cuz im a thug
that imma hide my love
i kno that we gon last cuz i need u boo
everytime we touch its me n you

dont think cuz im on dubs
that imma hide my love
i kno that we gon last i need u boo
everytime we touch its me n you

Dons and Tricosta - Everytime We Touch
Dons & TriCosta - Everytime We Touch
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