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Justin Bieber Looking For You

Песня скачать песню justin bieber looking for you. Видео Justin Bieber - Looking For You Lyrics ft. Migos.

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Исполнитель: Justin Bieber

Название песни: Looking For You

Дата добавления: 2014-09-25

Текст просмотрен: 542


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Текст целиком:

Bieber - What’s up Migos?
Quavo - What up JB, it’s time to go to the club, time to pull those toys out man - let’s do it

Verse 1: Justin Bieber
Hey where the party at? Let’s go
Where the swag? Let’s roll
Yea, everywhere I go, them girls follow
Na, na, na, na
Let everybody know that I’m here tonight
As soon as I walk in the door
Pretty lady I think I need you here in my life
If I didn’t know I need you for sure

Pre-Hook: Justin Bieber
Tonight might be the night
You might mess around and fall in love
And I might be the guy
That’ll make you want to fall in love with him
Girl, what’s your name, I’m happy that you came
I’m the man in this, stick with me, I can love it
Everywhere around the world
I’ll be looking for you

Hook: Quavo
Is it her looking for you, looking for you?
I’m not Paparazzi or a stalker
She right in front of me looking for you, looking for you
Not the feds or a cop

Verse 2: Justin Bieber
I got money in my pocket and I ain’t afraid to spend it
It ain’t a problem, baby girl when you’re with it
Tell me what you wanna do, would you make a move now?
Girl you ain’t gotta fight the feeling
(Look at her face)
Girl ain’t gotta say anymore
(Say no more)
Need to know I ain’t playing
(I ain’t playing)
Baby what are we waiting for?

Pre-Hook + Hook

Verse 3: Quavo
Bad bitches in the party, alcohol on me
Tell the waitress put the sparklers on my 20 B-T (lean!)
I asked her what’s her name - got the note she said Hammer
On the way to the mattress, said she loved the Panamera
In the trap with J-B with my phone chirpin’ like beepers
Mona Lisa, Anna Mae in the pot when I beat it
Take her across the country, I got plugs on the Visa
Cut your man off little mama, you don’t need him

Verse 4: Takeoff
He ain’t never seen a nigga like me
Hoppin’ out the Chevy, step up with the minks, gold chain, Mr. T
In the summer, in the beach
With the hummer, with the leather seat
Would tell you ‘bout my mansion but I bet they watching me
I’m a vegetarian, all I want is some lettuce and some broccoli
Mansion out in Beverly, your bitch calling me call me your majesty

Verse 5: Offset
My bitch is so gorgeous, I might pay her mortgage
I run to the money like Forrest
My life is historic
Travel ‘round the world like I’m in orbit
I take your bitch and dunk her like Ben Gordon
I watch her like a telescope
I beat it and kill it like I’m Lil TerRio
I got your bitch, she watching me like Tyler Perry shows
I’m young and I’m rich, riding in a Phantom Ghost
I paint a picture for niggas like Michelangelo

Pre-Hook + Hook

Justin Bieber - Looking For You (Lyrics) ft. Migos
Justin Bieber - Looking For You
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