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Rob Zombie Dragula

Песня скачать песню rob zombie dragula. Видео Rob Zombie - Dragula Live @ Ozzfest 2005.

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Исполнитель: Rob Zombie

Название песни: Dragula

Дата добавления: 2015-11-06

Текст просмотрен: 719


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Текст целиком:

Dead I am the one, Exterminating son
Slipping through the trees, strangling the breeze
Dead I am the sky, watching angels cry
While they slowly turn, conquering the worm

Dig through the ditches,
Burn through the witches
I slam in the back of my

Dead I am the pool, spreading from the fool
Weak anmd want you need, nowhere as you bleed
Dead I am the rat, feast upon the cat
Tender is the fur, dying as you purr

Do it baby, Do it baby
Do it baby, Do it baby
Burn like an animal

Dead I am the life, dig into the skin
Knuckle crack the bone, 21 to win
Dead I am the dog, hound of hell you cry
Devil on your back, I can never die

Rob Zombie - Dragula (Live @ Ozzfest 2005)
Rob Zombie - Dragula
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