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Salem Sick

Песня salem mp3 скачать. Видео Salem "Sick" - Live at S!CK - Santo's.

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Исполнитель: Salem

Название песни: Sick

Дата добавления: 2015-09-18

Текст просмотрен: 559


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Текст целиком:

6 car pile up, just a mile up
Sick sick sick sick

Eyes on me, dreams on me
I'm waiting tables
When I am so able
When shit don't sound stable
My label accomplished it
I'm goin take over this
In fact, I warned you bitch
I'll make your tummy sick
I'm on some evil shit
Own this shit, scheme this shit
Demons talk to me
So thats who I'm leaving with
If you can't feed a bitch
Then you don't need a bitch
I'mma slit your wrist...
I'mma slit your wrist...
Be quiet little lamb
I need you for tonight
Wanna take a ride with me?
No thats the wrong seat
First I tie your hands and feet
Shh, don't make a peep
From the trunk they can see
They be bouncing with the beat


Cars in a circle
Little lamb in the middle
All the head lights, so bright
He ain't cast a shadow off
I'm goin put bruises on some other fine bitch
I walk in and licked it
And this is so vicious
I gave it and hold it
But no you don't need it
So give that shit raw bitch
You get down for me
I'mma break your neck up and have it so fast
I need you to know you bout to fall out Sophina
And when I grow old and shit
Young bloods still know this shit
There is more evil then sits in the corridor
I'm on some coke, and some dope
And that coping shit
Gimme that codeine fast
I wan't that numbing shit
Evil round goes around
Peaking in doors and shit
Looking for ho's
And I am over it

Salem "Sick" - Live at S!CK - Santo's
Salem - Sick
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