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The RZA Fatal ОСТ Блейд 3

Песня скачать музыку из фильма блейд 3. Видео RZA - Fatal Blade Trinity OST.

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Исполнитель: The RZA

Название песни: Fatal (ОСТ Блейд 3)

Дата добавления: 2015-09-13

Текст просмотрен: 638


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Текст целиком:

[Drake] Blade ready to die?
[Blade] I was born ready mother fucker

Daywalker [repeat 4x]

Yo... yo...yo
Its the feast of the blood was in
Unleash the beast within
I walk around with the strenght of 100 men
You besta run before i count to ten
Blood drippin from my k9 like a fountan pen
It seems that ive been asleep for 1000 years
The way my world has changed it bring me 1000 tears
Prince of darkness that walks through the rays of light
To this beat of empire of the portal type
The shape shifter mirrior image flash photo type
The ever lastin indiginal red blato type

[King] he is born perfect and just like the great white shark
This guy has never had to evolve

Daywalker [repeat 8x]

[Chorus repeat 2x]
Try to do as my name thats fatal
Tried to claim my fame but thats fatal
About to bring the pain thats fatal
Bite through your jugular vain thats fatal

Daywalker [repeat 10x]

Come on walk with me [repeat 9x]

Your not immortal i must have heard hundrends of you rodents
Make the same claim each one of them tasted the end of my sword

I stike back with avengence
The father of decendents
And i cant be deflected by your silver cross pendents
Blow the holy water you make the false images
Must wait for the signal ahhhh your life damenishes
Sing like the scorpian
Strike with the force of ten
My blood is going to revatilize the corpse of men
And the last thing they said the dead would walk again
The blind, deaf and dumb will talk again

Daywalker [repeat 12x]


RZA - Fatal (Blade Trinity OST)
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