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"In Your House" WWE Royal Rumble 2012

Песня текст песни royal rumble 2012 in wwe. Видео Goldberg Return at WWE Royal Rumble 2014! Promo.

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Исполнитель: "In Your House"

Название песни: WWE Royal Rumble 2012

Дата добавления: 2015-01-05

Текст просмотрен: 887


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Текст целиком:

I’ve made my mistakes
I’ve seen my heart cave in
I’ve got my scars
I’ve been to hell and back again

Born for the blue skies
We’ll survive the rain
Born for the sunrise
We’ll survive the pain

- Chorus -
We’re singing…
Hey, You can’t count us out
We’ve been living up against the crowd
Yeah, we are the Dark Horses
We’re singing…
Hey! It’s not over now
We’ve been down but we’ve never been out
Yeah, we are the Dark Horses

We found a way out
The city takes everything it can
But outside the crowds
I can feel my lungs again

We’re singing…

We don’t care what they say
We know we’ll find a way
Yeah!… We are the Dark Horses

Laa la-la-la-la-laa
Laa la-la-la-la-laa

Goldberg Return at WWE Royal Rumble 2014! Promo
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